Pull Up Camera Case Avantgarde 43L - frontview opened
 Pull Up Camera Case Avantgarde 43L - rearview with trolley handle
 Pull Up Camera Case Avantgarde 43L - in use while foto shooting extended
 Pull Up Camera Case Avantgarde 43L - frontview in nature

The Pull Up Camera Case

1395 EUR

Type: Pull Up Camera Case AV-43L

The Pull Up Camera Case is a handy tool to help you organize any travel chaos. The collapsible suitcase enables you to systematically pack your clothes and personal items in separate compartments, which is the best way to guarantee that your trip is perfectly organized.


Volume: 43 l

Dimensions: 72 x 45 x 34 cm
28,3 x 17,7 x 13,4”

Weight: 9,5kg / 20,9lb

Possible tray configuration:

  • 6x small
  • 4x big
  • 5x small, 1x big
  • 3x small, 2x big
  • 1x small, 3x big

Warranty & recall policies

You can return the Pull Up Camera Case within 14 days of receiving it without giving any reason.

To the recall policy

The Pull Up Camera Case comes with the following warranty:

  • 2 years warranty from the date of invoice.
  • The guarantee covers all technical manufacturing defects
  • The guarantee is invalid if the case is not used in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Pull Up Camera Case - patented technology button
  • Pull Up Camera Case Avantgarde - topview with button and handle
  •  Pull Up Camera Case Classic - sideview with button and handle
The packing cubes. Fun and order you suitcase.

With the right packing cubes you can be sure that you are well prepared. The Pull Up Camera Case comes with 8 sophisticated packing cubes in different sizes. Socks, shirts, shoes, suits, toiletries and accessories are all in the right place from now on.

Pull Up Camera Case Classic - sideview with patented button and handle
Important Features.

Designed for travel

Pull Up Camera Case -  360-degree reflecting wheels Pull Up Camera Case -  extra wide telescopic handle Pull Up Camera Case -  in use as a mobile desktop

360° Reflecting Wheels

Travel safely: Due to the 360-degree wheels, your suitcase is not only extremely flexible, but also safe, since the wheels function as reflectors in the dark.


Telescopic Handle

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing: The extra wide Telescopic Handle allows for a better and more stable handling of the suitcase.


Mobile Desktop

No matter whether you would like to quickly jot something down, put down your laptop or simply eat something on the way, the flat top surface serves as your table for any purpose.

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